Saturday, May 23, 2009

few words about me
and all this mess around me.

i worked all day long today.
i got tired at 5 p.m., i couldn't move a hand.
i feel so jealous for people who have plenty of free time
and waste it, waste it.

it's late now, i'm going to sleep.

in my dreams last time i always have long hair and look into the mirror
or over my shoulder, as if i'm spying after myself.


vivian said...

oh I know just what you mean! I get angry with the people I work with, (clients) who sit home and collect social services and do nothing...
Can you just imagine the wonderful things we would do if we didnt have to work? with all our creative energy??? it would be sooo joyful! except.. that I need money so I can buy supplies..
have a great weekend. I hope you can find the time to enjoy yourself and do the things you want to do!

Lydia said...

Yes- what luxury to have the time to do all that we'd like to do.

I'd like for someone else to cook, shop, pay bills, and do paper work. Ahhh! then I might have more time to create.

Bylo bi tak khorosho imet' bol'shoi kusochik vremeni delat' iskustvo:D